GEN:ZED (fka GFORCE) was formed in 2016 and is a young and spirited Indie pop girl group made up of 3 best friends from the Greater Toronto Area. GEN:ZED music explores different eras and genres as they experiment with a unique fusion of rap, pop melodies, and gang vocals. Members Ava Ro, Holly Gorski and Michela Luci  are known for their high-energy live performances and their anthemic gang vocals.  

In June 2018, while still known as GFORCE, they released their second original single “4U” which debuted at #1 on iTunes Canada Children’s Music Charts, bumping the world-wide record holding ‘Baby Shark’, for more than 2 weeks! This was just the beginning of several charting singles they would release over the coming months. 

The group appeared in their first America’s Got Talent audition in June 2019 performing an original song called ‘BREAK THE BANK’. From the moment they introduced themselves the girls brought an unforgettable energy, excitement, and endearing innocence to this world-stage. The performance was a big hit which earned them a standing ovation and 4 YESES from celebrity judges Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union and fellow Canadian Howie Mandel. The very next day their AGT performance went viral on YOUTUBE, reaching over 14M views to date and bursting them into the music scene as rising girl group. 

The group returned to the next round of AGT locked and loaded with a second original song called ‘SIMON SAYS’. The song started ballad-like and lyrics included comedic Simon Cowell impressions. No one could have anticipated the rave-style drop and the catchy gang vocals that once again stole the hearts of the judges, audience, and viewers from all over the world. 

Upon advancing to the Quarterfinals, they would wrap their AGT journey with a glamorous and meticulously executed live performance,  opening the live show, with another original song entitled ‘IT’S GFORCE!’. The young girls showcased yet another emerging skill as they rapped about conflicting advice they’ve received and how they plan to keep doing their “own thing”. 

Another standing ovation followed and Simon Cowell summed up the performance calling the girls “absolutely fearless!”. To their delight, female judge Juliann Hough called the group “female empowerment DIVAS” and Gabrielle Union described them as “ABSOLUTE Rockstars!” The group have described their AGT journey as a dream come true and one BIG GOAL achieved. 

In September 2019, the group announced that they are “honoured” to be appointed Goodwill Ambassadors for UNICEF Canada and that they are “extremely driven to defend the rights of children all over the world.” The group have appeared and performed on YTV and THE ZONE several times, passionately supporting Kids in need all over the world and most recently appeared and performed on Breakfast TV with a spunky performance! 

In October 2019 GFORCE released their debut album ‘IT’S GFORCE’, which featured 6 original songs. The indie album was a hit with their growing fan base and received top industry nods including Billboard Magazine, “GFORCE bring ambitious energy to their original songs ...and infectious melody and confidence”.  The young girl group began performing their original music all over North America. 

The groups first stop was Manhattan Beach, California for the Sketcher’s annual Pier to Pier Walk, sponsored by Nickelodeon. The girls rocked the stage with their high-energy performance for a live audience of more than 20 thousand people. 

In February 2020, the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences announced GFORCE as 2020 JUNO nominees for Children’s Album of the Year! The group remains the youngest JUNO nominees in HISTORY! 

On New Years Eve 2020 the group announced the departure of 2 original members and revealed to their fans a new trio of Ava Ro, Holly Gorski and Michela Luci. They also unveiled a new look and a more mature group name GEN:ZED which they feel will grow with them into the distant future. The news was well supported by their loyal fan and received international media coverage. The anticipation of new GEN:ZED music in the works is a buzz.

In early 2021 the new GEN:ZED trio announced their first live show of the year which is a highly anticipated Virtual Reality Concert in which they will be featured and support rising artist Peyton Garcia and other special guests. 

Left to Right: Ava Ro, Holly Gorski, Michela Luci

Left to Right: Ava Ro, Holly Gorski, Michela Luci